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The Alliance of Civilizations is supported by a powerful network of over 100 member states and international organizations. This Group of Friends provides the internal dynamic to implement Alliance of Civilizations objectives at national and regional levels. Through Focal Points appointed by governments, National Plans and Regional Strategies for intercultural dialogue are being laid out throughout the Group of Friends community, providing impetus to projects on the ground, linking innovative initiatives across regions and shaping new policies to involve all communities in pursuit of the common good.

The Alliance works as a unique network of partners. It connects youth activists with business leaders; heads of foundations and international organizations with grassroots bodies; human rights advocates with policy-makers; political leaders with civil society; religious leaders, academics and experts with journalists and editors. This diverse network not only allows exchanges of ideas and insights. It provides the Alliance community with the opportunity to create new projects and come up with innovative solutions to address the complex challenges diverse societies face today. 

 This “alliance of partners” builds on the strengths of several networks developed to build trust and cooperation across cultures, among them the International Network of Foundations, the Alliance Research Network and the Alliance Corporate Network. These partnerships enable, for instance, grassroots projects to be connected with foundations that can help them grow and expand; they allow policy-makers to learn about initiatives that can help improve education systems; they provide governments with ideas that will help shape the political agenda and create more tolerant and cohesive societies.

This rich matrix of connections comes alive during the annual Alliance of Civilizations Forum, and, in particular, during the Marketplace of ideas, which showcases some of the most innovative and ground breaking grassroots projects aimed at building intercultural understanding. Through this event, the Alliance seeks to connect some of the world’s most dynamic civil society entrepreneurs with an audience of decision-makers who have the ability to give their work greater visibility and impact.