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Mission Statement and Objectives

Mission Statement

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations seeks to reduce tensions across cultural divides, particularly when they threaten to inflame existing political conflicts or trigger new ones. Working with its global network of government partners, the Alliance promotes policies and initiatives aimed at improving relations between diverse cultural groups. It also works at the grassroots level, promoting innovative projects in education, youth, media and migration in order to build trust, reconciliation and mutual respect among diverse communities.

The Alliance of Civilizations is
  • A unique project of the United Nations which aims to build trust and understanding across countries and communities, thereby countering the forces of polarization and extremism
  • An action-driven initiative which implements and supports innovative projects on the ground
  • A mobilizing force that achieves results in partnership with national governments, international organizations, religious and civil society groups, foundations, corporations and the media
  • A global matchmaker, connecting innovative grassroots leaders with policy-makers and foundations to help bring their ideas to life
  • A powerful voice that strives to reduce tensions dividing communities and build upon common values and interests shared among diverse cultures and religions