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Photo of Han Seung-soo Han Seung-soo
Chairman of the Governing Board, Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)and former Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea

Han Seung-soo served as Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea (2008-09).

He served as Chair of the 2009 OECD Ministerial Council Meeting in Paris, playing a pivotal role in unanimously adopting the OECD Declaration on Green Growth on June 25th.

He was Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General on Climate Change (2007-08) and sits on the UN Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation (2007-). He is Chairman of the High-level Expert Panel on Water and Disaster/UNSGAB and Chairman of the Global Green Growth Institute (2010-).

He was President of the 56th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (2001-02), Minister of Foreign Affairs (2001-02), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance (1996-97), Chief of Staff to the President (1994-95), Korean Ambassador to the United States (1993-94), Minister of Trade and Industry (1988-90) and Member of National Assembly (1988-2004).

Educated at Yonsei University, Seoul National University and the University of York, England, he had a distinguished academic career as Professor of Economics at Seoul National University (1970-88) and taught economics and/or did research at the Universities of York (1965-68), Cambridge (Emmanuel College) (1968-70), Harvard (1985-86) and Tokyo (1986-87).

He has many publications including Beyond the Shadow of 9/11; A Year at the United Nations General Assembly (SAIS, Washington, DC, 2007). He received the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the United Nations in 2001 and was awarded an Honorary Knighthood (KBE) from HM Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in 2004.