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Photo of Ms. Hajiya Amina Az-Zubair Hajiya Amina Az-Zubair
Senior Special Assistant/Advisor to the President of Nigeria on MDGs

Mrs. Amina Az Zubair is the senior special assistant to the President of Nigeria on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). She is charged with the coordination of the achievement of the MDGs in Nigeria through the establishment and implementation of a Virtual Poverty Fund. Her position requires her to advice on pertinent issues regarding poverty, macro economic issues and sustainable development. Mrs. Az Zubair’s current position builds on her former role as national coordinator for Education for All (EFA) at the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria. In this capacity she coordinated the development of a National Action Plan that included such cross-cutting areas as HIV/AIDS and macroeconomic strategies for poverty reduction as proposed in the World Bank Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper. Previous to this, she led a national coalition of 124 civil organizations working on education issues, and participated in the establishment of the Africa Network Campaign on EFA (ANCEFA) to advocate for free, quality education in sub-Saharan Africa. Mrs. Az Zubair has served as coordinator of the Task Force on Gender and Education for the U.N. Millennium Project.

Currently, she is a member of the advisory panel of the global development programme of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation as well as the advisory panel of the rights to education project co-funded by Actionaid International, Amnesty International and the Global Campaign for Education. She also sits on the board of the International Development Research Centre in Canada.