A selection of Partnership Initiatives

Cariplo Foundation
In partnership with the Fiorello La Guardia Foundation, the Office developed a strategic alliance with the Fondazione Cariplo to set up a facility in Italy that will provide support and facilitation for engagement of Italian foundations in the work of the United Nations, with particular focus on joint Funding of projects on the ground.

Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy
The Office serves on CECP’s Excellence Awards Selection Committee. Other members of the Committee include representatives from the GE Foundation, Fortune Magazine, Foundation Strategy Group, Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development, the Pfizer Foundation, Venture Philanthropy Partners, McKinsey & Company, Jumpstart and the Target Foundation.

Commonwealth Business Council (CBC)
The Office has developed a collaboration with the CBC including working on a partnerships arrangement on the CBC campaign ‘Linking Africa’ which aims to support the goals of the African Union and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by creating the first detailed continent-wide economic profile and database on a country-by-country basis. The CBC has also proposed the creation of a Global Business Council in partnership with the United Nations.

Dow Chemical
The Office co-hosted an event at UN Headquarters on 25 June 2006 to present the 2015 Sustainability Goals for Dow, a multi-faceted program to address some of the most pressing economic, social and environmental concerns facing the global community, reflected in the MDGs. As a result of this collaboration, Dow is sponsoring the Blue Planet Run, an endurance run across many countries to raise funds and awareness of the need to bring safe drinking water to 1.2 billion people. The first Blue Planet Run was launched at UN Headquarters in June 2007.

Education Development Center (EDC)
The Office collaborated on EDC’s Power Users of Technology initiative, which gathers new knowledge about power users, their interaction and relations with technology and its impact on their career, life choices and roles. It is in regular contact with EDC and has facilitated the Center’s engagement with the Universal Education Foundation.

European Foundation Centre (EFC)
The Office introduced UN entities to the EFC – an umbrella organization of over 500 European foundations. Having joined the EFC’s Programme Committee in 2003, the Office has organized panel discussions on the MDGs, facilitated high-level UN participation at EFC annual conferences, such as the UN Deputy-Secretary General’s keynote speech at the 2004 annual conference. The Office also secured adoption of the MDGs by the International Committee of EFC, as part of the EFC agenda to get involved with global problems and challenges outside of the region. In 2005 the Office organized and chaired a session on “The UN at 60 – Is it Ready to Reform? What is Europe’s Role?” This presence over the years has facilitated a closer relationship with leading European foundations.

Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University
The Office provided briefings to students at the Fletcher School and explored opportunities to work together on developing on-line educational compendia for internet access (“Open University”).

Global Hand
The Office worked with the NGO Global Hand, together with the Global Compact Office and OCHA to develop a new portal on www.un.org for the private sector wishing to support the UN by donating Funds, expertise or equipment to UN entities.

Goldman Sachs
The Office developed a network of young Wall Street executives with interest in supporting UN causes, specifically programmes involving youth and microfinance.

The Office was the first point of contact for Google.org and has facilitated numerous initiatives between Google.org and the United Nations including with OCHA, UNDP, WHO, as well as the UN Foundation. The Executive Director of Google.org has committed to support programmes in the health sector and on climate change.
Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI)
Since November 2005 the Office has provided advice to the UNDP-led Greater Tumen Initiative on the establishment of a Business Advisory Council for the Greater Tumen Region. The Office has developed a concept for a Business Advisory Councilto bring new investments to the region in the areas of – inter alia - energy, tourism and transport.

International Council for Toys Industry (ICTI) Care Process
The Office has been advising the ICTI Care Process - the international toy industry's ethical manufacturing program, aimed at ensuring safe and humane workplace environments for toy factory workers worldwide, on UN collaboration.

International Initiative on Non Food Crops
Working with Kent County Council, Imperial College, and Lees Court Estate, the Office provided advice on the establishment of an International Initiative for Non-food Crops, and ensured FAO, UNEP, UNDP inter-alia, became collaborators. The long-term vision is that a significant proportion of demand for energy and raw materials should be met through the commercial exploitation of crops grown scientifically to stimulate innovation, strengthen the rural economy, enhance biodiversity, leading to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and waste, particularly biodegradable waste going to landfill, and slower depletion of finite natural resources.

Louise T. Blouin Foundation (LTB Foundation)
The Office provided advice in programme development and engagement of the United Nations in the Global Creative Leadership Summit, hosted by the LTB Foundation in New York City in 2006, which brought together leaders in business, technology, government, science and the arts, to provide insights that will have practical implications for problem-solving across disciplines. The chairman of the LTB Foundation is dedicating the foundation’s efforts to UN causes.

The Office introduced Microsoft to various UN entities. A number of partnerships have been developed including, Unlimited Potential, Partners in Learning and the Software Donation to NGOs Programme, a national pilot that Microsoft is considering launching on a global basis.

Regional Centre for Partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa
The Office developed a proposal for the establishment of a Regional Centre for Partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa Region - a joint initiative of the State of Qatar and the United Nations to promote multi-stakeholder partnerships, and serve as a Centre of Excellence for training, within the Region.

Synergos Institute
The Office has developed a strategic alliance with the Synergos Institute to advise members of their Global Philanthropists Circle, on the most effective ways to collaborate on UN projects globally. The Office also works with the Institute’s multi-stakeholder partnerships section to explore ways to bring the UN into its activities.

UN Crime and Justice Institute in Turin, Italy (UNICRI)
UNICRI requested advice on securing partnerships for an extensive research project on combating terrorism. The Office facilitated collaboration with the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) which resulted in a grant to UNICRI of $50,000 that provided much needed support from a region outside Europe. Currently advice is being provided to UNICRI on creating an Advisory Board to reach out to civil society.

World Diversity Cup for Peace
The Office has been advising on UN engagement for this annual youth soccer tournaments featuring boys and girls Diversity Teams, for example Catholics and Protestants from Belfast, Northern Ireland, selected in conjunction with the Mayors of the world’s largest cities.