In 2006 the Office handled almost 500 inquiries from the private sector, non-governmental organizations,
and foundations wishing to collaborate with the United Nations system. Investment in high-impact initiatives
is encouraged by:

- Advising on UN procedures and best practices;

- Assisting in the design of programmes and projects;

- Advising on the conversion of Global Compact principles into practice, through concrete programmes and projects on the ground;

- Helping establish and, in some cases, manage global and regional networks;

- Advocating use of the MDGs as a framework for action:

The Office and the Global Compact work closely together to reinforce each other's mandates.

Partnership Services

The Office handles inquiries from partners, NGOs, and foundations to explore possible collaboration with the United Nations system. It provides technical assistance to small and medium-sized United Nations entities, expanding their outreach to private funders and corporate partners.