Be Safe

Before Departing

  • Beware of any travel alerts.
  • Keep with you all travel documents (with a copy) and contact details of security personnel.
  • Know how to call from the airport (cell & public phone).
  • Learn about local laws and customs.
  • Try to schedule your itineary for not arriving late at night.
  • Minimize time spent in non-secure areas of the airport.
  • DonӴ allow people to rush you. Keep your possessions under control at all times.

Taxi Safety

  • Use only taxis registered with the airport.
  • Sit behind the passenger seat.
  • Use the meter or confirm the cost beforehand.
  • Visibly note driverӳ ID number and licence number.
  • Call someone (or pretend to) and say loudly where you are and your ETA.
  • Ask to deactivate the door child lock.
  • Pay driver inside but pay outside when luggage is in your possession.
  • Have an idea of time and your itinerary to the destination.

Hotel Safety

  • For evacuation purposes, request rooms on the 2nd to 7th floor and near the lift or stairs.
  • Ask for an escort to the room if available.
  • Check locks on doors and windows.
  • Tip discreetly.
  • ?Do not:
    • Display key with room number.
    • Turn off all lights when away.
    • Display signs on door.
    • Enter room if unlocked.

Are you travelling for the UN?



Make sure you do the following for safe travelling:
  • ?Complete the Security Clearance process with TRIP at least 7 days prior to departure.
  • ?Download the UNDSS Travel Advisory for the country.
  • ?Attend SSAFE training if possible.
  • ?If offered, attend the security briefing upon your arrival.
  • ?Familiarize yourself with security management information relevant to your location.
  • ?Complete necessary security training such as BSITF, and ASITF.