Hunger and food security

1710, 2016

Agriculture must adopt climate-smart practices to better help poverty reduction – UN report

October 17th, 2016|Climate change, Hunger and food security, News, Poverty|

17 October 2016 – The rapid transformation of farming and food systems to cope with a warmer world, such as adopting climate-smart practices, particularly to curb greenhouse gas emissions, is critical for hunger and poverty reduction, the United Nations agriculture agency said today in a new report.

“There is no doubt climate change affects food security,” […]

1807, 2016

New UN report links farming, forestry and improved food security

July 18th, 2016|Hunger and food security, News|

Agriculture and forestry can improve food security, according to a new United Nations report released today, at the start of World Forest Week.

1107, 2016

UN food relief agency launches innovation project to spur progress towards ending hunger by 2030

July 11th, 2016|Hunger and food security, News, Poverty|

The United Nations food relief agency launched today an initiative to identify and nurture new technologies and business models which will contribute to the global goal of ending hunger by 2030.

807, 2016

‘Monster’ El Niño subsides but impact on children set to worsen as disease, malnutrition spread – UNICEF

July 8th, 2016|Climate change, Health, Hunger and food security, News|

While the 2015-2016 El Niño – one of the strongest on record – has ended, its devastating impact on children is worsening, as hunger, malnutrition and disease continue to increase following the severe droughts and floods spawned by the event, a new report from the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) revealed today.

707, 2016

Global food prices rose in June; wheat harvest outlook robust – UN agency

July 7th, 2016|Hunger and food security, News, Sustainable consumption and production|

Global food commodity prices rose 4.2 per cent in June, their steepest monthly increase of the past four years, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said today, also noting improved production prospects for the year ahead.

607, 2016

Response to El Niño must be ramped up amid preparedness for La Niña’s likely knock-on effect – UN

July 6th, 2016|Climate change, Disaster risk reduction, Hunger and food security, News|

Failure to prepare for and adapt to the 'new normal' of increasing climate-linked emergencies such as El Niño could put global development targets at risk and deepen widespread human suffering in areas already hard hit by floods and droughts, top United Nations officials said in Rome today.

207, 2016

On World Day, UN hails cooperatives as drivers of sustainable future

July 2nd, 2016|Economic growth, Hunger and food security, Inequality, News, Poverty|

Cooperatives are an old idea but more relevant than ever as they can be the drivers of a sustainable future, senior United Nations officials said on the International Day of Cooperatives today, urging Governments to create an enabling environment for these groups to thrive and grow.

3006, 2016

Caribbean region must boost efforts to prepare for increased drought – UN report

June 30th, 2016|Climate change, Disaster risk reduction, Hunger and food security, News|

Climate change is expected to increase the intensity and frequency of droughts in the Caribbean, so countries in the region must enhance their capabilities to deal with this and other extreme weather-related challenges to ensure food security and hunger eradication, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has said in a new report.

3006, 2016

UN highlights risk reduction, mitigation to combat El Niño’s impact in Central America’s Dry Corridor

June 30th, 2016|Climate change, Hunger and food security, News|

The international community must take urgent action to help build resilience, food security, and restore livelihoods in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, which are impacted by drought and other extreme-weather effects of the El Niño phenomenon, senior United Nations officials today said.

2806, 2016

UN agencies to meet on El Niño’s ‘devastating impact’ in Central America’s Dry Corridor

June 28th, 2016|Climate change, Disaster risk reduction, Hunger and food security, News|

With the El Niño climate event devastating Central America’s so-called Dry Corridor, where one of the worst droughts in decades has left 3.5 million people food insecure, United Nations agencies will gather this week to discuss ways to improve the long-term response to the weather developments in the region.