1810, 2016

Habitat 3: 18 October in photos

October 18th, 2016|Cities, News, Uncategorized|

The second day of Habitat 3, the UN's conference on sustainable cities, featured more discussions, exhibitions and a special event on including disabled people in urban planning.

1810, 2016

UNESCO report: ‘A human-centred city is a culture-centred space’

October 18th, 2016|Cities, News|

UNESCO has released a new report spotlighting the power of culture as a strategic asset for creating cities that are more inclusive, creative and sustainable.

1810, 2016

Habitat 3: 17 October in photos

October 18th, 2016|Cities, News|

The first official day of Habitat 3 kicked off with the opening plenary. Mayors, city experts and civil society participants all shared ideas at the Casa de la Cultura in Quito.

1710, 2016

Sustainable, inclusive cities ‘can transform our world for the better,’ Ban tells UN conference

October 17th, 2016|Cities, News|

Opening today the United Nations Habitat III conference in the Ecuadorian capital, Quito, Secretary-General Ban-Ki-Moon told the gathered delegations that “transforming our world for the better” means re-making towns and cities through sustainable development.

1710, 2016

“Take strong ownership” of a “vital” new development agenda, Secretary-General urges mayors across the world

October 17th, 2016|Cities, News, Secretary-General, Sustainable Development Agenda|

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged mayors across the world to “take strong ownership” of a new global agenda for sustainable development in the towns and cities they represent.

1610, 2016

Habitat 3 in photos: 16 October

October 16th, 2016|Cities, News|

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in the Ecuadorian capital for the Habitat 3 conference on sustainable urban development, toured Quito on 16 October 2016.

1610, 2016

Habitat 3 in photos: 15 October

October 16th, 2016|Cities, News|

Young people from all over the world are gathering at the #Habitat3 conference in Quito this week, and they brought with them smart ideas for sustainable cities.

1510, 2016

Habitat 3 to set new urban development agenda creating sustainable, equitable cities for all

October 15th, 2016|Cities, News|

A major global conference, aiming to set a "New Urban Agenda," will “help us to rethink how we plan, manage and live in cities,” according to Ban Ki-moon, begins this weekend in Quito.

310, 2016

On World Habitat Day, UN calls for putting adequate housing at centre of urban policy

October 3rd, 2016|Cities, News|

3 October 2016 – Adequate housing is a universal human right and should be at the centre of the urban policy and in the physical centre of the city, senior United Nations officials said today, marking the 2016 edition of World Habitat Day.

“The unplanned rapid expansion of towns and cities means an increasing number of […]

2309, 2016

UN Secretary General’s climate resilience initiative set to mobilize and accelerate climate action for sustainable development

September 23rd, 2016|Cities, Climate change, News|

Partners of a new UN-led platform to mobilize and accelerate action on climate resilience agreed today to move ahead with plans that will help meet the needs of a growing global population that is being impacted by climate change.