What We Do

We are dedicated to supporting the development of staff members. We strive to help the Organization fulfill its mandates in an efficient and cost-effective manner by leveraging the talent of our staff worldwide, and at the same time, we seek to address the professional development needs of each individual staff member.

Centrally Coordinated Programmes

Centrally managed by the OHRM, these programmes are designed to build organizational capacity and support organizational reform by contributing to the creation of a shared culture and values, a common understanding of issues, and the formation of staff networks throughout the Organization. Centrally coordinated programmes are offered to staff throughout the Secretariat in the following areas.

  1. Leadership, Management and Organizational Development
  2. Human and Financial Resources Management
  3. Career Support
  4. Staff Well-being
  5. Substantive and Technical Skills
  6. Information Technology
  7. Language and Communications
  8. E-Learning

Decentralised Programmes: Upgrading of Substantive and Technical Skills

As the key responsibility for determining learning needs and providing developmental opportunities lies with managers themselves, resources for the upgrading of substantive and technical skills are allocated directly to individual Departments and Offices, on the basis of annual training plans submitted to OHRM.

These funds are intended to upgrade and refresh substantive and technical skills, to assist departments in meeting the individual developmental needs of staff and to support the achievement of departmental goals.

Full responsibility for the management of these funds is delegated directly to departments and Offices, as detailed in Administrative Instruction ST/AI/2010/10 on the Upgrading of Substantive and Technical Skills.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that staff members' needs regarding the upgrading of substantive or technical skills are identified during performance management discussions and included in the overall departmental training plan. OHRM allocates funds, provides advice and monitors the implementation of the plans.

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