New Young Professional Staff

Congratulations on your appointment as a new Young Professional Staff member. OHRM has a number of programmes to support your success, including our five day Orientation Programme, a formal mentoring initiative, and a rotation reassignment programme.

Orientation and Development Programme

This five day programme is for staff recruited through the Young Professional Programme and the General Service to Professional Examination. Staff normally participate within 6 to 12 months in the Organization.

The programme aims to:

  • Broaden understanding of the work of the UN and develop a new global network of peer professionals.
  • Strengthen key skills in communication, collaborative negotiation, and professional development.
  • Initiate a mentor-mentee relationship with a senior UN colleague.

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The mobility policy for Young Professional staff was established to enhance and support the career development opportunities of this group of staff. Mobility for Young Professional Staff is governed by ST/AI//2001/7.


Surveys during the late 1990s had shown that many Young Professional Staff members hired through NCRE or promoted through the G to P remained in the same position for several years without clear career development guidance and possibilities to move.

Once a year, starting in 2002, the Office of Human Resources Management issues a compendium of job opportunities, comprising all vacant P-2 posts and the P-2 posts for which incumbents have been carrying out the functions for at least two years.

The Managed Reassignment Programme (MRP)

If you are a Young Professional staff who has served in an initial appointment for a minimum of two years, you may be eligible to participate in an MRP. OHRM invites staff who are due for rotation to participate through a formal invitation to the Head of Department/Office.

The staff member's participation has to be approved by the Manager and the Executive Office/ local Human Resources Office. A request to defer participation must be submitted by the Executive Office/ local Human Resources Office to OHRM for approval.

Young Professional staff are invited to participate as a "class" defined by their Entry On Duty Date.

Participants have four weeks to apply.

OHRM forwards all applications to the respective departments, and managers then have three weeks to review the applications and rank their preferred candidates. OHRM then conducts a matching exercise and communicates job offers, taking into account, to the extent possible, preferences expressed by the staff member and the programme manager. The Assistant Secretary-General for Human Resources Management approves each placement.

Reassignments, which will be made in consultation with staff and managers concerned, will take place as soon as possible and , no later than two months after the date of notification.

Preliminary Schedule

The schedule below shows the tentative schedule for future MRPs:

Entry on Duty Date MRP Exercise
1 Nov-08 to 31-Jan-10 February 2012

Mentoring Programme

The mentoring programme for new Young Professional staff, introduced in 2001, recruits experienced professionals to advise, support and share career advice with our newest Young professionals. The objectives of the mentoring programme are:
  • To provide career support for new Young professional staff in the Organization .
  • To facilitate the entry of Young professionals into the Organization .
  • To complement the initiation, training, and coaching offered by Young professionals' direct supervisors and managers.

The programme is administered within the scope of the five day Special Orientation and Development Programme for Young Professional staff who entered the Organization by the means of competitive examinations, NCE or G-to-P.

Mentors are senior staff members at the P-4 to D-2 level, both at HQ and in the Office Away from Headquarters, who volunteer for a year-long relationship with a Mentee.

Mentors and Mentees are matched by the Office of Human Resource Management and the local Human Resources Office based on their occupational and academic profiles and general interests.