Whether you are a new staff member or a UN staff member who recently assumed a new position, OHRM has a range of resources to help orient you to the Organization and to your new post.

Getting started in your new role can be an overwhelming experience, whether it is in a new department or new organization. The challenges can be even more difficult if the new job is in a foreign country. There will be many issues that cause stress, but the UN has several offices that can assist you during your transition period.

The Staff Counsellor's Office is a primary point of contact for staff members to reach out for support, guidance and professional help when facing crises or personal concerns. Addressing issues as they arise and speaking with someone about your worries is vital to you and your family's well-being. This section has licensed mental health counsellors who adhere to a strict confidentiality policy. You may contact them for short-term individual counselling sessions. For longer-term assistance, the office can refer you to external sources for on-going support.

Staff members may call the office for an appointment, or stop by S-505.

The Staff Counsellor's Office also has the following services:

Information sessions about workplace harassment, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence and suicide prevention.

Staff Outreach Support programme
The Staff Outreach Support (SOS) Programme is a network of trained staff members (SOS Providers) who volunteer their time to assist their colleagues with personal and/or work-related problems. SOS providers are not therapists; they are trained to make referrals to the Staff Counsellor and external resources. Contact Joe Vukas,

Mission Readiness/Preparedness training programme
Contact Joe Vukas,

HIV/AIDs Awareness training and information service
Contact Nick Fucile,

Staff Emergency Fund
Contact Nick Fucile,

Visa Committee and Immigration Service
Provides guidance and advice regarding Visa applications for G-4 Visa Holders (all dependants other than spouses and children under 21 years old) and G-5 Visa holders (domestic employees); work permit for Spouses; work permit for children.
Contact Rula Eid Greco,

For more information, contact the Staff Counsellor's Office at (212) 963-7044