Mandatory Learning Programmes

Prevention of Workplace Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Abuse of Authority in the Workplace

To register for the Harassment online course as an intern or consultant:
  1. Go to and select the "Register" link to create an account.

    Step 1

  2. Fill out the "User Registration" form, taking great care to input your UN Id (e.g. Index Number for Staff Members) accurately. (For interns, select Intern from the User Type and UN Id must start with INT e.g. INT12345678). Please make sure that you have not typed any spaces before or after your UN Id. Your UN Id will be your username for this website. Provide at least 8 character password. Then click on the "Register" button.

    Step 2

  3. Once you see the confirmation "User Registered Successfully" select the "Login" link from the top right of the screen.

    Step 3

  4. Enter the UN Id and password you used during the registration process as your Username and Password and click on the "Login" button. Please note that if you are an intern you must use INT+Id number e.g. INT12345678.

    Step 5

  5. Select the "Harassment" link from the top left corner of the screen.

    Step 4

  6. Select from the "Main Menu" the option "Click here to connect to Harassment Online".

    Step 5

Course does not play

  1. Pop-up blockers will likely interfere with the course. Internet browser applications such as Google Toolbar generally includes pop-up blocking functionality. Please disable or uninstall pop-up blockers and try again.
  2. If this does not solve the problem, your network may be experiencing a connection problem. Please inform your IT department.