Language and Communications Programme New York
Course Registration Procedures (1)

To register for language courses please follow the steps below and click on the text appearing in blue for more details.

or see the video tutorial here


Step 1
Determine Your Eligibility
If you are eligible

please proceed to Step 2
Step 2
Determine Your Student Type
Step 3
Self-registration for Language courses should be completed online by registering first on the Inspira website.
I am an internal learner
and 1.   I login to Inspira
then   2.   I update my e-mail account
I am an external learner
and 1.   I create an Inspira login
then   2.   I login to Inspira
then   3.   I request access to New York language courses
asd   asd
Please proceed to step 4 to register for language courses or for the placement tests

Please note that if you have questions or concerns regarding your registration to a language course, you must use the comment box provided at the time of your registration in Inspira. Individual emails about eligibility and registration processes will not be answered outside the Inspira system. No in-person registration is available.