Language and Communications Programme New York
External Learners (Non Secretariat staff members)

How to
Create an inspira account

Important: Secretariat staff members are not concerned by the information on this page.

External learners need first to create an inspira login account in order to register for language courses.

External learners who already have an inspira login account can go directly to the following step:
request access to New York language courses.

If you are an external learner, please follow the below procedure to create an inspira login account.
Please note that the actual content that you see may change according to your own unique learning profile.

  1. Go to and click on the "Register now" link.

    Step 1

  2. Under the "Enter Registration Information" pane you need to complete the following items:

    # FieldDescription
    1 User ID Enter a user name that is unique but easy to remember. There is no prescribed format, however, remember that your User Name is a unique name that you will use to login to access inspira. You can use any combination of characters up to 70 characters. Some examples are, your full e-mail address (e.g., variations of your name i(e.g. jsmith, johnsmith, or john smith)
    2 Password Enter a unique password. The rules to create a new password must be a minimum of six (6) characters and a maximum of 32 characters in length. Passwords may consist of letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), or a combination of both.
    3 Confirm Password Re-enter your password.
    4 Given Name Enter your first name.
    5 Family Name Enter your last name.
    6 Primary Email Enter your primary e-mail address. Note that you will be sent messages to that address.
    7 Date of Birth Select your date of birth from the calendar.

    Step 1

  3. Then click on the "Register" button.
    Step 1

  4. Click on the "Return to Sign in Page" button.

    Step 1

  5. Click on the "Return to Sign in Page" button.

    Step 1

  6. Login to Inspira using your newly crearted User ID and Password.

    Step 1

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