Language and Communications Programme
New York

Viewing Pending Penalty Fees


  • Navigate to the My Learning Page.
    • Click "Main Menu" then hover over "Self Service", "Learning", and click "My Learning".

  • Open the Pending Fees Page.
    • Uner the "My Learning Tools" pane click on the "Pending Fee" link.

  • Identify your Course Fee.
    • Go through the list of courses to see which of your courses still have a pending penalty fee. In this example we are looking whether we have a fee for a "French Regular 1" course. You will need to attach proof of payment when registering for subsequent semester language courses. If you have a valid justification that warrants a waiver of the pending fee when registering for subsequent semester language courses in lieu of the fee receipt attach your justification. You can see the pending fee amount on your score letter. For instructions on how to view/print your score letter please click here. Payments may be made on the U.N. cashiers office on the 20th floor of the Secretariat. Additional information regarding pending fees please click here or look directly on iseek.

    • This concludes the guide to Viewing of a Pending Penalty Fees