Language and Communications Programme
New York

Printing the Score Report Letter


  • Navigate to the My Learning Page.
    • Click "Main Menu" then hover over "Self Service", "Learning", and click "My Learning".

  • Find the language course for which you want to print your score report letter.
    • All successfully registered and enrolled courses (including your language courses) will appear in your "My Learning Activities" pane. Go through the list and identify the course for which you would like to print the score report letter. In this example we are looking for the course entitled "French - Specialized Course"

      You must have fully completed the course and sat for end of term examinations in order to access and print your score letter. To ensure that you have completed the course check the "Status" which should display "Completed".

  • Open the score report letter for printing and/or saving.
    • Identify the Print link that corresponds to your class and click once on it to access your score letter. Please make sure that you have any pop-up blocker disabled as the score report letter will open in a new browser window.

  • Print your score report letter
    • A PDF of your score letter should open in a new tab. Go to File > Print to print your score letter. (You may save an electronic version of the score report letter by going to File > Save As...).

  • Registering for Additional Courses.
    • If you have passed your course and are interested in registering for a higher level course you must self-register using Inspira. If you have failed your course you can register for the same level course again using Inspira. Note that you do not need to enclose your score report letter when registering. For instructions on how to register for another term click here and look at Step 4.

      This concludes the guide to Printing of a Score Letter for a Completed Language Course