How to drop a course

  • Go to the Main Menu > Self Service > Learning > My Learning
    • Click "Main Menu" then hover over "Self Service", "Learning", and click "My Learning".

  • Ensure that you are enrolled in the course
    • All successfully registered and enrolled courses will apear in your "My Learning Activities" pane.

      Check the status, it should read "Enrolled."

      If dropping the course is a valid action, you should see a drop button in the "Action" column. Clicking the button will bring you to the "Drop Activity" dialog.

  • Review drop information and confirm
    • Review the information concerning the drop action. Be advised that some courses may have an additional fee for dropping the course. If there is a drop charge, it will be listed here under "Drop Charge."

      You must cite a reason for dropping the course by selecting an item in the "Drop Reason" drop-down menu.

      Once you have reviewed the information, click the "Drop" button to continue.

  • Confirm your enrollment status
    • Your status, listed under "Enrollment Status" should have change to "Dropped".

  • Actions reflected on My Learning page
    • You can also see the record of your actions on your "My Learning" page. The course you have dropped should reflect the new status.

      This concludes the guide to Checking Enrollment Status and Course Location