How to view course schedule and location

  • Go to the Main Menu > Self Service > Learning > My Learning
    • Click "Main Menu" then hover over "Self Service", "Learning", and click "My Learning".

  • Click the title of the course you wish to view scheduling and location information
    • In this case, we click "Arabic - Level 1". This will bring you to the activity page.

  • Viewing Schedule and Location
    • Click the "View Schedule and Locations" link under the "Activity Progress Summary"

  • Schedule of activities
    • The table, "Scheduled Sessions" will list all planned sessions for this activity.

      The location column will list the city that the activity is being held in. For more detail (e.g. address, building, room, etc.) click on the city name. This will bring you to the "Room Details" page.

  • Detailed location information
    • You can find the specific location information in the "Session Facility Details" pane.

      Don't forget to check the "attachments" pane. There may be additional information (i.e. maps) attached to this section.

      This concludes the guide to Checking Enrollment Status and Course Location