Once you have started to settle into your new environment, multiple concerns may emerge that can impact yourself and your family. Learning to navigate a new workplace, find housing, schools and doctors, while adjusting to a new neighborhood and a new neighborhood, language and culture, can be quite stressful. These factors, combined with long hours, sometimes disrupt your work and life balance. Learning how to effectively manage these stressors will ultimately lead to increased productivity and a healthier, happier lifestyle.

The Staff Well-being Section has licensed mental health professionals who are experienced in providing support and guidance in a variety of areas, such as personal, work or health-related matters. Staff members can also turn to colleagues who are trained as Staff Outreach Support Providers in order to discuss stressful issues in a confidential setting. Areas of particular interest include counselling services, individual counseling and group counseling.

For more information, contact the Staff Counsellor's office at (212) 963-7044