Around the World

For UN staff around the world, it is important to know who your Chief of Learning, and learning focal points are. Below you will find names, emails, and links to staff development sites in major duty stations globally. Some of the website links are accessible within the UN intranet only.

Offices Away from Headquarters
UNOG Ms. Sabine Bhanot (41-22) 917-3488
UNON Ms Deborah Ernst Ext: 23534
UNOV Ms Ruth Sembajwe (43 1) 26060-5483


Economic Commissions
ECA Mr. Lamin Fatty (251-11) 544-5268
ECLAC Ms Karin Orantes (56-2) 2210-2754
ESCAP Ms Helen Kwon-Karaul (66-2) 288-1221
ESCWA Ms Souad Azar (961-1) 98-1301 ext.1333
ECE Administered through UNOG


ICTY Ms. Leigh-Anne Lemstra (31-070) 512-8939
ICTR Dr. Muhammad Sohail Ali (212) 963-2850 ext: 4127