In a period of rapid, unpredictable change, the knowledge and skills of staff must be continuously updated and new skills acquired. The current emphasis on doing more with diminished resources also requires staff to enhance professional competence. The programme for upgrading substantive and technical skills provides the means by which the specialized competence needed to carry out substantive work is maintained and updated.

In the context of this programme, each Department and Office is expected to determine its training needs and set priorities for achieving its strategic goals and developing its human resources. On the basis of team and individual needs, departments prepare an annual training plan that aims to provide development opportunities for all categories of staff. After analysis of these plans, funds are allocated to departments and Offices, which are responsible for ensuring that the approved training is carried out and for the management of funds.

The Office of Human Resources Management monitors the use of the funds on the basis of quarterly reports on both the training expenditures and on the impact of the training undertaken. This programme exemplifies the Secretary-General's commitment to greater decentralization and delegation with accountability and to empowering managers to assess their specific needs and ensure the most efficient use of resources allocated to them.

The Sabbatical Leave Programme and the International Studies Workshop provide additional means for maintaining the substantive expertise of staff by offering opportunities for intellectual growth and contact with specialists outside the Organization.


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