Mental Health Series

The Mental Health Series is a training program that was developed to increase the overall awareness of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders.  The program can be run as a full series or specific topics based on the needs of the target audience. 

Target audience
The program is offered by Mental Health Professions and has been developed so that it can be adjusted to trained personnel (such as medical, nursing, security) or to staff who have no previous training in the area of mental health. 


  • Improve knowledge base of Major Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems;
  • Improve ability to effectively recognize possible mental illness & substance abuse;
  • Discuss the UN policies and procedure that may be relevant to the topics (especially in the Substance Abuse portion of the Series);
  • Identify when the Staff Counsellor should be involved in situations related to the topic and how to refer to the SCO appropriately (as a colleague or manager).

1-2 hours per topic in the series.  The entire Series: 1-2 days depending on target audience.

Mental Health Series
8. 17 Mental Health Series:  Overview
8. 18 Mental Health Series:  Mood Disorders (Depression, “Blues”, Bipolar)
8. 19 Mental Health Series:  Anxiety Disorders (Panic, PTSD, General Anxiety)
8. 19 Mental Health Series:  Psychosis
8. 20 Mental Health Series:  Substance (Ab) use (Alcohol &  Drugs)
8. 21 Mental Health Series:  Other (Personality Disorders, Child & Elderly Disorders)