Grief & Loss

By nature of the work that we do as International Civil Servants of the UN, we (and our colleagues) are often exposed to Loss. 

This Grief training has been developed based on the fact that grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss. However, often, the ideas learned about dealing with loss, are not normal, natural, or helpful to people struggling with the incomplete emotions involved with major loss experiences. It is the "intellectualization" of grief that complicates recovery from loss.  

Target audience
All United Nations Staff members who want to learn more about the normal process of grieving and loss.


Participants will learn skill to:

  • Identify the Stages of grief;
  • Identify common tasks of grief and identify symptoms associated with the grieving process;
  • Discuss the impact of traumatic events and how multiple losses can impact the normal grief process;
  • Identify proper communication skill when dealing with colleagues or loved ones who are grieving;
  • Learn to help others who are suffering from grief symptoms, especially in the workplace;
  • Incorporate practical intervention strategies into existing crisis response.   

1-2 Hours (Extended if Psychological Intervention is being incorporated into the Grief Session)