Winter Blues and Holiday Stress Training

Target audience
All United Nations Staff


Winter and the holiday season are upon us. Along with much anticipated time off work and spending time with family and friends, this time of year can also present challenges for many.

The ‘Winter Blues”, as it is sometimes called is caused by the decrease of sunlight hours during the winter months from the Fall through to Spring. It is a phenomenon that impacts many of us. For most it is experienced in a mild degree but for some, it can be a serious condition.

The “Holiday Blues”, refers to the stresses and feelings of being down that many people can feel during the holiday season. The reasons for this are many and varied, from living and working in a different country to ones family – through to significant changes in life circumstances that may be more keenly felt during significant times such as holidays, which are traditionally spent with family and loved ones.

This training explores the causes of the “Winter Blues” and the “Holiday Blues”. We will explore the challenges that this time of year can bring (even if you may also looking forward to time off work and reconnecting with loved ones).

Practical skills will be learnt to identify your stresses and develop strategies to navigate the winter and holiday period. 

Participants will gain insight and understanding in to what is the “Winter Blues” and “Holiday Blues”. They will learn practical skills to assist in assessing their own life stressors in these areas and develop concrete strategies to navigate their way through the holiday period. The skills learnt will be transferable to other life stressors.

1-2 hours

Staff may register directly by contacting:
(212) 963-2482

For further information, contact
Dawn Straiton
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