Sleep Hygiene

General Description of Training

“Sleep Hygiene” has been defined as "all behavioral and environmental factors that precede sleep and may interfere with sleep."  This brief presentation (approximately 45-60 minutes) is designed to introduce United Nations staff members to the practice of following simple and sensible guidelines in an attempt to ensure more restful, effective sleep which can promote daytime alertness and help treat or avoid certain kinds of sleep disorders.

Topics Covered

  • What is “Sleep Hygiene”
  • Dangers of sleep deprivation
  • Psychological and social factors related to a shift work
  • Suggestions for improving sleep patterns despite the cause of deprivation
  • Self Assessments for when one should seek professional help for sleep problems

    Learning Objectives
  • Participants will identify the major health issues related to sleep deprivation
  • Participants will understand how changing behaviour to improve sleep hygiene can improve sleep and overall health
  • Participants will identify changes they should make when shift work (night shift) is required for their occupation
  • Participants will be provided the opportunity to discuss their sleep/ wake patterns and concerns with a professional counsellor to better understand the factors that may be contributing to their poor sleep patterns

    1 hour

    Staff may register directly by contacting
    (212) 963-2482