Emotional Regulation

Target audience
All Staff


Life constantly presents us with many challenges. Work stress can impact on our private life and situations in our private life can impact on our performance at work. Mostly, we can handle life’s everyday ups and downs. At times when we are experiencing greater than usual stressors, at work, in relationships, health, finances or family crisis, our resilience is lower and our capacity to mange difficult feelings and reactions is impacted.

This training will provide you with information to identify the factors influencing your perceptions, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You will learn how different emotions interconnect and interact.  You will learn concrete practical strategies and skills that can be applied in your work and personal life to assist in developing and consolidating constructive expression and management of challenging emotions.

Participants will gain insight and understanding in to how thoughts and beliefs influence feelings and behavior. They will increase their knowledge and learn practical skills to assist in ‘self’ and ‘other’ awareness and how to constructively express and manage challenging feelings and situations.

1-2 hours

Staff may register directly by contacting:
(212) 963-2482