HIV/AIDS Orientation Sessions

Target Audience

All United Nations staff, encompasses all agencies


These sessions aim to equip all staff with a basic knowledge of HIV/AIDS. The orientation session is designed to introduce the booklet ‘Living in a World with HIV and AIDS: Information for employees of the UN system and their families’ and covers essential HIV/AIDS-related information concerning transmission, prevention, care and treatment. Additionally, the session provides information about the UN’s policies, initiatives and services; related to HIV and AIDS in the workplace, and promotes a culture of tolerance and understanding with regard to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and people living with and affected by HIV.

All orientation sessions will be delivered in an interactive format designed by the New York Inter-Agency Task Force on HIV/AIDS in the Workplace.


  • Staff will learn about HIV prevention, care and treatment
  • Greater knowledge about UN-specific policies and entitlements
  • A better realization of the extent and effects of HIV and AIDS in our world
  • Increased understanding about living and working with people living with, or affected by HIV, and the need for elimination of stigma and discrimination.

1/2 day (3 1/2 hours)


Admission & further information, contact
Nicholas Fucile
(212) 963-4782