Self & Staff Care after a Traumatic Event: Strategies for Mangers

Target audience

Specifically targeted toward directors, managers and supervisors to assist them in addressing issues of stress, trauma and grief that they may encounter within their departments and units as the mission recovers from the devastating effects of the January 2010 earthquake


THREE to FOUR Hours (recommended)

This is a specially developed 3-4 hour training workshop for directors, managers and supervisors to assist them in effectively addressing stress, trauma and loss issues that may be affecting many of their staff members.  This workshop reviews aspects of the human stress response system, with a specific focus on the array of effects that can result from exposure to traumatic stress.  Focusing on supporting recovery and resiliency, the workshop provides guidelines and strategies for building a cohesive team in a post-crisis environment, including the importance of building self-care skills for directors, managers and supervisors.

The training will provide participants with a better understanding of the following:

  • Typical stress-related reactions and mechanisms for preventing negative effects of ongoing stress
  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual responses to traumatic events
  • Identifying reactions that may indicate greater risk and vulnerability
  • Practical guidelines and strategies for promoting recovery and supporting resilience
Self-care Strategies for Managers

Suicide Awareness/Prevention

Target Audience

All United Nations staff, particularly managers, supervisors and team leaders responsible for monitoring staff members’ performance and productivity


Suicide remains a taboo subject in many cultures, including the workplace culture.
Suicide rates vary dramatically across countries and cultures, and yet all suicides result in personal devastation and family disruption. Suicide also has a tremendous impact on the work environment, an impact that organizations often have great difficulty in addressing. The purpose of this programme is to raise awareness of suicide as a workplace issue and to serve as a means of prevention.


By the end of the training participants will have an understanding of:

  • Types of suicide
  • Brief review of suicide statistics
  • Suicide across different cultures
  • Risk factors for suicide
  • Warning signs of suicide

1 hour

Staff may register directly by contacting:
(212) 963-2482