Stress Management & Self Care after a Traumatic Event

This is a specially developed 1-hour training workshop for staff members that were directly or indirectly affected by the traumatic events, especially those directly large scale events affecting UN staff members.

Target Audience
(1) All United Nations Staff especially those directly or indirectly affected by a traumatic event.  (2) The training can also be offered to staff station as preventative self care tool if expecting a difficult time in his/her life or in preparing for a move to a hardship duty station. 


The training will provide participants with a better understanding of the following:

  • Brain and how the body reacts to trauma;
  • Identify normal response from abnormal response in the immediate aftermath of the trauma;
  • Identify the range of expected reactions and learn indicators of when to seek help from a Counsellor;
  • Practice some relaxation exercises and learn self-care techniques to facilitate healing


2-3 hours

Staff may register directly by contacting
(212) 963-2482