Mission Readiness & Wellness Programme

Post Mission: Returning Home

Target audience

Staff returning from Mission. Ideally these will be offered as group sessions, but if it is not possible to get enough staff members who have returned from the field more or less at the same time, then the sessions will be individual.

Experience has shown us that, as important as it is to help staff getting ready to be deployed into a field mission, it is to assist in the return “home”, as this process can be quite distressful.

Topics to be covered

This programme aims to help the staff members reintegrate into their “normal life” again. Some of the topics include how to understand and ease the reverse cultural shock; how to readjust themselves again to family, friends and co-workers as well as how to deal with the mission life that the staff member has left behind.

1-1.5 hours

Staff may register directly by contacting:
Ms. Fiona Mackenzie
(212) 963-7044