Mission Readiness & Wellness Programme

Pre-Mission: Psychological Preparation for hardship mission assignment

The Staff Counsellor’s Office has established the Mission Readiness & Wellness Programme in order to address the complex needs of staff members who are being recruited and assigned to different peacekeeping missions or other hardship duty stations. It also involves staff members who are potential candidates for mission assignments. This comprehensive briefing and counselling guidance is based on a holistic approach to cover all phases of mission assignment: pre-deployment briefing, ongoing support to staff members and their families during the mission assignment, assistance in social reintegration and following up on the return of a staff member from the mission. 

Target audience
UNHQ New York-based staff members, who plan to go a field mission within the next 6 months- One year.

Topics to be covered

  • Awareness of the administrative procedures that need to be covered following the mission readiness check list (family and financial arrangements, preparation of wills, travel, etc.)
  • Psychological aspects of deployment and separation from the family members
  • Creation of the stress profile of each participant
  • Review pictures from typical mission environments
  • Awareness briefings on stress management and social welfare, HIV/AIDS
  • Alcohol/substance abuse risks related to lifestyle changes
  • Learn how to manage stressful environments
  • Cultural awareness
  • Ongoing support to staff members and their families
  • Social reintegration (debriefing, family reunion, return to work)

  • Enabling staff members to become effectively prepared for field work
  • Easing transition and efficient adjustment to the new working and living environment
  • Developing adequate insights into the psycho-social and emotional aspects of deployment
  • Decreasing the burden of family separation
  • Developing coping skills in controlling and managing stress
  • Ongoing support to/from family members, friends and colleagues
  • Ongoing Individual and Group Program Activities
  • Individual briefing and counselling sessions are scheduled on a regular basis with the Staff Counsellor’s Office

Resource Persons

Team members of the Staff Counsellor’s Office

Maximum Number of Participants

The number of participants varies and will depend on the room size, but it generally will not be more than 14 people per session, in order to make it more interactive.


1-2 hours


Staff may register directly by contacting:
Ms. Fiona Mackenzie
(212) 963-7044