Staff Counsellor’s Office Activities

The Staff Counsellor's Office (SCO) is a primary point of contact for staff members to reach out for support, guidance and professional help when facing crisis or personal concerns.  Addressing issues as they arise and speaking with someone about your worries is vital to you and your family’s well-being. This office has trained mental health professionals who offer support in a confidential manner.  The goal is to improve mental health and overall wellness for UN staff members.  You may contact them for short-term individual counselling sessions. If longer-term assistance is needed, the office can refer you to external mental health professional for on-going treatment.  Staff members may call the office for an appointment at (212 963-7044) from 9:00 -17:00.

The Staff Counsellor’s Office (SCO) offers a variety of training programmes and workshops throughout the year to UN system staff members. A strong focus is placed on providing staff with the skills to manage stress, crisis and difficult situations for themselves, family members, and their colleagues. This is reflected through training programmes, such as the Mission Readiness & Wellness Programme, Stress Management Series and the new Mental Health Series which offers professional psychoeducation on various topics related to Mental Illness and Substance Use/Abuse.

Specially designed programmes can be requested through the chief of service if a manager is having particular issue or concerns or would simply like to offer some preventative programming to his/her section as a preventative measure.