Orientation Programme for New Staff

Two days

Target audience

New staff members


This programme provides new staff members with:

  • Essential information about the Organization, including its goals, history, structure, rules and procedures, and resources available to staff members
  • A greater sense of belonging to the Organization and to the international civil service
  • An understanding of attitudes that will facilitate smooth adaptation to a multicultural work environment

Topics covered

Charter, history and structure of the United Nations; the UN Secretariatís mandate and its daily work; the UN core values and competencies; services and resources available to staff members; Staff Development and Career Support in the Organization; What it means to be an International Civil Servant; the Role of the Ombudsman, the Ethics Office and the Staff Union; Gender and Diversity in the Organization; the Role of the Staff Counselorís Office; Medical Services; Safety and Security; Information Management in the Organization; the Capital Master Plan; the UN Pension Fund.

To register

Self-registration may be completed online by registering through Inspira at: inspira.un.org. For registration instructions please click here. If you need further information on staff members' login for Inspira please refer to chapter 1.2.1 of the Inspira Instructional Manual.

Orientation and Development Programme for New Young Professional Staff

Five days

Target Audience

Mandatory programme for staff recruited through the Young Professional Programme and the General Service to Professional Examinations during their first year in the Organization.


This programme aims to:

  • Support Young Professional staff to have a better understanding of the Organization as a whole.
  • Provide information, guidance, and training in support of the career transition to a Professional position in the United Nations.
  • Lay the foundation for developing a network of Young Professional colleagues.
  • Establish a mentoring relationship with a more senior staff member,

Topics covered

UN core values and competencies; Collaborative negotiation skills;

Learning from the experience of others; Managing career and professional development; Managed reassignment programmes; Written communication at the United Nations; How to make the most of the mentor-mentee relationship; Managing expectations of Young Professional staff and their managers, Work Life Balance: Flexible work arrangements.

For more information

Contact us at (212) 963 4760,
M-14026C (380 Madison Ave)