Dear Staff Member,

Thank you for your interest in our HR training programme. Please note that we are, unfortunately, not currently able to offer the Human Resources Management programme training due to contractual issues.

We are in the process of securing new providers to deliver a range of our training programmes and until we have completed the competitive bidding process (RFP) with the Procurement Division to identify new vendors the programme has been postponed.

In the interim, we have put together resources consisting of a combination of skillport courses, skillbriefs, books and UN specific reading materials with power-point presentations which will give you some foundational, background and knowledge of HR until we are able to offer the module again.

Skillport: The skillport courses, skillbriefs and 24/7 books cover the global view of Human Resources by addressing concepts of Human Resources functions, management models, manager's roles and responsibilities, organizational/HR development and provides books for references.

UN specific: To help increase capacity for understanding UN HR policies, we have provided the attached power-point presentations which highlight the work of various HR functional areas and introduce you to new tools, available resources and new policies addressing the SG's reform agenda. These areas include new policies on Recruitment, Placement, Mobility and Promotion, Classification and Compensation, Career Development and Performance Management.

These measures put in place are by no means exhaustive and we encourage all staff members to be proactive by seeking information (from depositories like iseek, intranet, etc) that will increase their understanding of the functioning of OHRM.

We hope that this interim measure will provide a foundation for understanding and developing your competence in the area of HR.

From Skillport:

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Skillport courses 
Courses Course code Duration 
Human Resources Fundamentals HRCI/PHR - Aligned HR0261 2.0 hrs
Developing Human Resources HRCI/PHR  HR0268 1.5 hrs
Skill Briefs 
Courses Course code Duration 
Concepts of Human Relations   HR0261 20 mins
The New Management Model and Developing Leadership   mgmt_02_a03_bs_enus  20 mins
The Roles and Responsibilities of a Manager   oper_04_a01_bs_enus 20 mins
Information Included in a Human Resource Plan   proj_11_a01_bs_enus 20 mins
Organizational Development Intervention Strategy   HR0268 20 mins
Human Resource Development   HR0268 20 mins
Strategies for Management   oper_04_a04_bs_enus  20 mins
Books 24/7
Title ISBN Author
Fundamentals of Human Resources Management, Fourth Edition   9780761214229 D. Arthur
Reference Book (suggested for follow up references)    


The following presentations from Career Services and Performance Management, Recruitment and Staffing, and Compensation & Classification sections will provide insight to various UN systems.

Career Services and Performance Mgmt

Recruitment and Staffing

Compensation and Classification

For more information

Contact Mr. Andreas Lange, Staff Development Officer at, +1(212) 963-3116