Organizational Development Programmes

Target audience

This programme is organized on a Departmental or Office basis and is customised to meet the specific needs of the each department/office.

The Organizational Development Programme makes available to departments and other significant organizational units (offices, divisions, branches) a customized range of programmes designed to strengthen their internal capacity. The conceptual basis for the OD programme is provided by the Profile of an Effective Department (provide link) which defines elements of effectiveness in departmental/ office performance, and assists departments in determining the perceived level of performance in various areas.

A common starting point in an OD programme is a diagnostic process, during which the Organizational Effectiveness Indicator (OEI), an online electronic all-staff survey designed for the UN, is deployed to seek the perceptions of staff on a wide range of is sues relating to organizational effectiveness. Results of this process form the basis of an organizational development plan of action, targeting those areas which are perceived as being most in need of development. Other programmes are made available through OHRM to support the organizational development process, for example team-building programmes, client service training, team or individual coaching and senior management retreats

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