Working Together: Professional Ethics and Integrity in our Daily Work

Half-day, facilitator-led workshop with certification developed by OHRM and the Ethics Office

Target audience

All Staff Members


  • To provide a forum, through discussion, practical exercises and case studies, for the review of typical ethical issues and decisions faced in the workplace
  • To foster a common understanding of ethics, integrity, transparency and accountability among all UN staff

Topics covered

The language of ethics; Meaning and practice of integrity and ethics in the United Nations context; Ethical role models and leadership; Trust in the workplace; Ethical decision-making and conflicts of interest; Role and work of the Ethics Office.

To register

Self-registration may be completed online by registering through Inspira at: For registration instructions please click here. For instructions on how to access inspira please look at the Inspira How-To guide.

For more information

Contact Mr. Kushal Ramyad, Staff Development Officer
Phone: (917) 367-2678