Creative Problem-solving and Decision-making

One or two days (Customised to meet the specific needs of the teams)

Target audience

All staff members.


This workshop will assist teams in exploring problems or challenges and developing options to address them.


4-5 February 2013; 1-2 May 2013; 5-6 August 2013

Topics covered

Using effective techniques for each step of the problem-solving process, including clarifying the problem, generating options, selecting a solution and devising an implementation plan; Employing skills in reaching group consensus from conflicting perspectives; Applying creative problem-solving techniques to individual and real team issues

To register

Self-registration may be completed online by registering through Inspira at: For registration instructions please click here. If you need further information on staff members' login for Inspira please refer to chapter 1.2.1 of the Inspira Instructional Manual.

For more information

Contact Carina Stern, (212) 963-0236, S-1845