"I know I can count on each of you to bring these Compacts to life with real results in the year ahead. They are now there to guide us in addressing the enormous challenges we face."

"I want the world to see that the United Nations is becoming a more performance-driven Organization that sets clear goals within specific timeframes, communicates them widely, and reports the results openly,"

Secretary-General BAN Ki-moon
12 February 2010
Compact Signing Ceremony

This Development Guide has been designed to provide UN Staff Members with guidance on how to develop behaviours and skills within specific UN competency areas, through a variety of methods including formal training, on the job development, job simulations, observation, feedback, informal coaching, reading, and audio visual references.

The Guide will help you create a personal development plan tailored to your individual needs. It offers advice on the type of development activities available to you in your current job, and also helps you to identify how you can develop in areas that are not tested in your daily work environment. A wide range of suggestions are offered, with the goal of allowing you to select those developmental activities which suit your particular development needs and learning style, enabling you to build a more personalized, targeted development plan.

Development material is offered at various levels to help you build on current performance or to bridge the gaps if you are looking towards a future career move. The guide has been designed to work alongside the UNSkillport.com development process, and many of the activities and resources referred to within this guide can be accessed through this site.

Staff members at all levels within the Organization may find it useful to use this Guide to help set a clear development plan following:

This Guide can also be used by managers as a reference tool to help them support their team members in setting development plans, or preparing for a career move. It can also be used to help managers give guidance to their staff members on how they might address any areas of development identified during performance review. This can help to ensure that the performance review process remains constructive and focused on building skills for the future.

We hope that you find this Guide to be a valuable aid to your future development, and that it helps you to fulfill your potential, and achieve your career aspirations within the United Nations.