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There are a number of Internet based web-sites that provide a useful source of information about publications, training opportunities and resources, as well as on-line training. Although the quality of these web-sites does vary some examples of interesting web-sites include:

This is the largest education database on the World Wide Web. It contains more than 850,000 records of journal articles, research reports, curriculum and teaching guides, conference papers and books. Each year approximately 30,000 new records are added. The ERIC database is available in many formats at hundreds of locations.

TeleCampus is a distance learning network in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. It has created an international online course database of more than 9,000 courses. The database contains the most comprehensive listing of fully online courses available anywhere. It includes public and private sources at all levels from more than 15 countries and includes only those courses that can be completed fully on-line.

This web-site links you to 3,000 online newspapers, world phone directories and world maps.

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