You may consider taking out a subscription to a technological journal in your field of specialism, or try to identify a library that stocks such a journal, so that you can keep up to date with technological advancements in your field. It is quite important that you make sure that you read the latest books on technological advancements in your field.

Recommended Reference Books

  • The Global Internet Economy; (2003) by Bruce Kogut (ed); The MIT Press - Comparing the experiences of seven countries, this book analyzes the rise of the Internet and its impact on changing national institutions. It also analyzes specific Internet sectors and regulations across countries.
  • IT Success: Towards a New Model for Information Technology; (2007) by Michael Gentle; John Wiley & Sons (UK) - Using real-world examples and a case study, this book proposes a new model for IT in which the traditional client/vendor relationship is replaced by a shared risk/reward partnership geared towards workable results over time.
  • An Executive's Guide to Information Technology: Principles, Business Models, and Terminology; (2007) by Robert Plant and Stephen Murrell; Cambridge University Press - A concise review of the most important aspects of information technology from a business perspective, this book provides a clear definition for each term, as well as an unbiased appraisal of its business value proposition.
  • Technology as Experience; (2007) by John McCarthy and Peter Wright; The MIT Press - Drawing on the pragmatism of such philosophers as John Dewey and Mikhail Bakhtin, this book provides a clearer understanding of human-computer interaction in order to measure the fullness of technology's potential to be more than merely functional.
  • IS Management Handbook, 7th Edition; (2000) by Carol V. Brown, ed., with Heikki Topi; CRC Press - This book is packed with well-written, knowledgeable, understandable, and comprehensive management know-how-definitely a keeper!
  • Managing Business in a Multi-Channel World: Success Factors for E-Business; (2006) by Timo Saarinen, Markku Tinnil and Anne Tseng; IGI Global - Written to help managers understand how forward-thinking organization can best build competitive advantage from new multi-channel e-business models, this innovative text provides insights into how best to utilize the Internet as a business channel.

Recommended Skill Briefs (available through

  • The Five Stages of Technology Planning: Explore the five stages of technology planning.
  • Understanding High-technology Professionals: Explore attributes of high-technology professional employees.
  • Understanding Learning Technologies: Explore technologies used to support learning.
  • The Trouble with Technology: Explore the issues that arise when using technology.
  • Using Technology to Boost Communication: Learn how to use technology to boost communication.
  • Monitoring the Technology Environment: Learn why you must monitor the technology environment.
  • How Technology Advances Affect Managers: Find out how technology advances affect new managers.
  • Communications and Technology: Discover the impact technology has had on communications.
  • Three Technologies that Encourage Internet Use: Explore three technologies that encourage Internet Use.
  • Technology and Legal and Regulatory Factors: Discover the impact of technology and regulatory factors.
  • Focus Areas for Technology Development: Explore key focus areas for technology development.

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