Dear Colleagues,

It is with pleasure that I introduce DM's new publication, UN Competency Development - A Practical Guide.

The term "competency" may be defined as a combination of skills, attributes and behaviours that are directly related to successful performance on the job. They are important for all staff, regardless of occupation, function, or level.

The UN competencies were launched in 2002, when the Secretary-General commissioned a project to build human resources capacity through the introduction of organizational core values and competencies which are essential for all staff. Further, additional managerial competencies were introduced, required by those who manage the performance of others. These competencies have been used as a foundation for our human resources framework, including systems such as recruitment, placement, development and performance appraisal.

This guide, an initiative from the Learning, Development and HR Services Division in OHRM, is meant to serve as a practical, hands-on resource for UN staff members and managers. The Guide allows each individual staff member to take a more strategic approach towards his/her own learning and development. It is also meant as a tool to help managers in coaching and developing their team members.

I hope that you will, through the competency of Commitment to Continuous Learning, embrace the process of self-appraisal thoughtfully, and with an eye towards your professional goals.

We are committed to being your partners in this process.

Catherine Pollard

Assistant Secretary General for Human Resources Management