As you review each core value or competency in the following sections, it is helpful to consider how this Guide will be useful to you over the course of your UN career.

As noted in the Introduction, this guide is meant to practically support you, as a UN staff member, in developing the values and competencies needed to be successful in your job, and your broader career, within the Organization. The majority of the recommendations in this guide are self-directed. However, if you have any questions about how any of these activities may be undertaken within the context of UN Regulations and Rules, we encourage you to seek counsel from your manager, Executive Office or OHRM. The UN Competency Framework is relevant and important in a range of your daily human resource activities:

This Chapter of the Guide introduces each UN core value, competency and managerial competency, and positive and negative indicators for each. While not intended to specifically define each according to how to rank/assess each competency, included are parameters to help both managers and staff assess themselves and their teams according to how proficient you are in each area.

You will also find four ways to develop your skills:

 Learning by Doing: on the job activities, job simulations and job aids

 Learning through Training: training courses

 Learning by Listening: observing others, video based development

 Learning by Watching: observing others, video based development

 Learning by Reading: books and skill briefs

How to Log-in to UN Skillport


Open Microsoft Internet Explorer and go to https://un.skillport.com.
The log-in page is displayed.

- Users who received a "Welcome to UN.SkillPort" e-mail:

Username = your e-mail address
Password = default password in the e-mail

You will need to change your password after your first log-in.

For first time users, a Java plug-in Security Warning dialogue box is displayed. Click the Grant Always button to install and run the Skillsoft Corporation Java plug-in.

- Users who did not receive the "Welcome to UN.SkillPort" e-mail

a. Follow the "Click here" link and complete all fields. Enter your UN e-mail address in the username field and click "Submit".

b. Once your registration is approved, an e-mail will be sent to you with your default password.

c. If you do not have a UN email address, you must contact your local learning office or your IMTC if you are in a peace-keeping mission.