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Sport and Development

Sport is a catalyst for economic development. Individually, each of the various sectors of the sports economy can create activity, jobs and wealth. When several are combined together into a single strategy, it is possible to achieve additional economic gains because of the synergies that result. The local economic potential of sport is further enhanced when supported by national ‘sport for all’ strategies.

Securing Government leadership is essential to ensure that sport and physical education are incorporated into country development and international cooperation policies and agendas. Governmental commitment is also crucial to ensuring that the root causes of the issues that challenge human development are addressed, and sport is used as one of the tools for that.

The engagement of the UN specialized agencies, programmes and funds demonstrated the potential breadth and depth of sport to support the UN system in achieving development goals. The IYSPE 2005 will seek to engage Governments and the world of sport more deeply in sport-based development activities in order to ensure that this powerful and diverse element of civil society becomes an active and committed force in the global partnership for development.

Local development through sport particularly benefits from an integrated partnership approach to sport-for-development involving the full spectrum of actors in field-based community development including all levels and various sectors of government, sports organisations, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the private sector. Strategic sport-based partnerships can be created within a common framework providing a structured environment allowing for coordination, knowledge and expertise sharing and cost-effectiveness.

Top Photo: Children playing ball, Nakivale Refugee Camp in Uganda, by Michael Kleiner, 2004.
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