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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


The Secretary-General is pleased to announce the following job opening at the level of Under-Secretary-General:

Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

In accordance with General Assembly resolution 2997 (XXVII), the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme shall be elected by the General Assembly on the nomination of the Secretary-General for a term of four years.

The Executive Director is accountable to the Secretary-General and is responsible for all the activities of the UNEP Secretariat, as well as its administration.

The Executive Director:

Further information on UNEP is available in the Secretary-General’s Bulletin ST/SGB/2006/13 and on the following website: http://www.unep.org/

In order to ensure a wide pool of candidates for this position, the Secretariat would welcome any applications to supplement the Secretary General’s own search and consultations. The Secretariat would especially welcome applications of women candidates.

The Secretary-General is seeking an individual with:

Individuals who are either nominated by Member States or who seek to serve with the United Nations in any individual capacity will be required, if short-listed, to complete a self-attestation stating that they have not committed, been convicted of, nor prosecuted for, any criminal offence and have not been involved, by act or omission, in the commission of any violation of international human rights law or international humanitarian law.

All applications should include the curriculum vitae of the candidates and must be sent to the Secretariat of the United Nations by Monday 11 January 2016. Applications may also be sent to eosgapplications20153@un.org