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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Report of the Secretary-General on the Work of the Organization

I. Introduction

United Nations Headquarters

The United Nations is committed to remaining present wherever we are needed, in keeping with the values and principles of the Charter, with the mandates given to us by Member States and with the hopes and expectations that millions of people around the world place in us. But we must do so responsibly and with due recognition of the risks involved.

This report details the Organization’s efforts to respond to these many challenges, priority being given to the eight areas of work identified by the General Assembly in the strategic framework for the biennium.

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A. Promotion of sustained economic growth and sustainable development

Ban Ki-moon speaks at the MDG Momentum special event

We must build on the successes of the Millennium Development Goals, persist in the effort to meet them where they have not been met, attend to the gaps and address new and emerging challenges.

B. Maintenance of international peace and security

MONUSCO peacekeeper

The past year clearly demonstrated the complexity of contemporary conflict and the challenges involved in mounting coherent, effective international responses.

C. Development of Africa

People on the street in Mogadishu, Somalia

In recognition of the links between peace, security and economic development, the United Nations adopted a multidimensional approach.

D. Promotion of human rights

Human Rights Council hall in Geneva

Effective implementation of the United Nations human rights instruments remains essential to promoting human rights and preventing violations.

E. Effective coordination of humanitarian assistance efforts

WFP helicopter delivering aid

We were reminded afresh of the importance of adherence to humanitarian principles, timely access to affected people and greater protection for civilians.

F. Promotion of justice and international law

computer screen with home page of Special Tribunal for Lebanon

It is crucial for international justice to be, and to be seen as, absolutely impartial if its reconciliation purposes are to be fully realized.

G. Disarmament

Weapons retrieved by MONUSCO

The effects of the unregulated trade in conventional arms are tragic: brutal crackdowns, armed conflict, rampant crime or violence and resulting human suffering.

H. Drug control, crime prevention and combating international terrorism in all its forms and manifestations

Liberia police anti-drug squad burns confiscated drugs

The magnitude of the existing and emerging global threats of organized crime, drug trafficking and terrorism means that there is a need for more concerted efforts.

I. Strengthening the Organization

General Assembly Hall

With the growing number and complexity of our mandates, there is a need to broaden our human, operational and financial resource base.


Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon speaking on the phone

I will continue to do my part to manage efforts to meet our existing mandates while anticipating and preparing for those that may come.