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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

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Address to the Sofia Platform

Sofia (Bulgaria) - 6 May 2011

Cyril Foster Lecture at Oxford University: "Human Protection and the 21st Century United Nations"

Oxford (UK) - 2 February 2011

Remarks at Central Party School Roundtable on Global Governance and Harmonious Society

Beijing (China) - 3 November 2010

Remarks to the Ministerial Meeting on Security Council Resolution 1325: A Call to Action

Security Council - 25 September 2010

Address to the 65th General Assembly: "Pulling Together in Testing Times: Securing a Better Future for All"

General Assembly - 23 September 2010

Remarks to the Republic of Cameroon National Assembly

Yaounde (Cameroon) - 10 June 2010

Remarks at 39th Plenary Assembly of the World Federation of United Nations Associations

Seoul (Republic of Korea) - 10 August 2009

Remarks at Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony, Park East Synagogue

New York (USA) - 24 January 2009

Remarks to the press in Gaza at the site of the bombed out UNRWA warehouse

Gaza - 20 January 2009

Address to the East-West Institute: "The United Nations and Security in a Nuclear-Weapon-Free world"

New York (USA) - 24 October 2008

Address to the 63rd session of the General Assembly: "A Call to Global Leadership"

General Assembly - 23 September 2008

Remarks to the Economic Club of Chicago

Chicago (USA) - 7 February 2008

Address to the 62nd General Assembly: "A Stronger UN for a Better World"

General Assembly - 25 September 2007

Address to the United Nations Association in Sudan

Khartoum (Sudan) - 3 September 2007

Remarks at the informal General Assembly debate on gender equality and the empowerment of women

General Assembly - 6 March 2007

Remarks to the General Assembly on Restructuring the Secretariat

General Assembly - 5 February 2007

Address to the African Union Summit

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) - 29 January 2007