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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


Secretary-General's joint press encounter with Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the United Kingdom, with British media pool at the Bella Center

Copenhagen, Denmark, 16 December 2009

Q: What are the biggest issues that need to be overcome?

SG: There are two issues. The first one is ambitious mid-term green house gas reduction target. I hope that the developed countries should come out with more ambitious mid-term target by 2020 against the 1990 level. This is very important. The second one is?this is the most important key to bridge the gap between the developed countries and the developing: there should be sufficient financial and technological support for the developing countries, particularly the most vulnerable states.

I can tell you at this time that we could have some perspective on agreeing on this long term financial support. We have a good agreement on the pledges for the fast track, owing to the great leadership of Prime Minister Gordon Brown and European Union leaders, that $10 billion dollars every year, for the coming 3 years until 2012. The European Union has committed $ 10 billion, Japan has $ 10 billion. Now we have two-third commitments that have already been made and I am quite convinced that this can be made.

More important thing would be that there should be a firm commitment by the developed countries that this long term financial support will be given and should be given and there should be an initial formulation of mechanism or mechanisms for this provision of financial support.