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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Deputy Secretary-General: Statements

Montevideo, Uruguay, 8 November 2011 - Deputy Secretaray-General Opening Remarks at the Fourth High-Level Conference on Delivering as One

Your Excellency, President [José] Mujica,Foreign Minister [Luis] Almagro,

Mr. [Diego] Cánepa, President of the Steering Committee of the Uruguayan Agency for International Cooperation,Excellencies,Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you very much for those presentations. That was a wonderful video.

I am grateful to everyone here for playing a part in this dynamic campaign to Deliver as One.

Or, as they say in Spanish, “Unidos en Accion.”

I especially want to thank the donor countries for providing resources and political will.

Above all, I thank the eight programme country pilots as well as the others that have voluntarily adopted this approach. Your leadership and vision are driving change.


It is very significant that we are meeting in Uruguay.

Here we are showing the power of collaboration between a Government and a country team. The One UN Programme here marked a shift from development assistance to genuine partnership.

The Government's commitment to promoting inclusive development has paid off with results in poverty reduction, health system reforms and equitable growth.

The lesson is clear: there is no going back to the way we operated before Delivering as One.

This is true in all of the pilot countries.

Now we have to sustain our momentum.

Nearly 30 governments and country teams have been inspired by your example to Deliver as One. I am pleased to see many of them represented here today.

When the Secretary-General came here in June, he said that Delivering as One is, “A revolution that will allow us to operate more effectively and more efficiently ? that will help us listen more closely to government and civil society ? that will help us mobilize expertise across the UN system.”

The work that you do to Deliver as One goes beyond the borders of the countries where you operate. UN offices around the world are acting on your example. They are becoming more efficient. They are coordinating their programmes. And they are getting better results for the people we serve.

This is critical in today's tough economic times. We cannot let the world's poor – who have suffered so much from the economic and financial crisis – be left even farther behind.

By Delivering as One, we can optimize our resources and maximize our impact.

The results are clear:

Lives saved thanks to better nutrition and health care. More children in school. Fewer families stuck in poverty. Greater gender equality.

But we do not have time to dwell on our accomplishments.

Our to-do list is enormous and growing.

We are here for the people who struggle with poverty, disease and malnutrition. We are here to improve our operations so we can reach our objectives.

The Millennium Development Goals – first and foremost.

And the broader imperative of sustainable development, our top priority.

Twenty years ago, the Earth Summit in Brazil set the world on a greener path.

Next year, again in Rio, we will have a chance to set the world on a greener, more prosperous, more equitable and more sustainable course.

Rio+20 is crucially important. We need the Conference to succeed. We need the input of the UN development system in the months ahead. And we need your engagement after the last delegate leaves Brazil, when our challenge will be turning agreements into actions.


Experience has taught us that Delivering as One works when governments initiate, drive and lead the process.

The results are reflected in far more than savings. They can also be measured by how much national ownership, leadership and capacity for reaching development goals are improved.

Today, five years after Delivering as One

was first adopted, almost two years after the country-led evaluations and over a year since we met in Hanoi, we have a chance to examine the results.

As we meet, the Independent Evaluation of Delivering as One is under way. We are also preparing for next year's Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review of UN Operational Activities.

After the Independent Evaluation, we will be done with the pilot phase. But that must not end our efforts to review and renew our development work.

I hope we can use these sessions to exchange experiences ? share ideas ? and make concrete plans.

Delivering as One is a pilot initiative that can help the entire United Nations system reach our shared development goals.

But this initiative has an added benefit. Delivering as One is proving that the

United Nations can keep pace with the changing times. That we can renew our operations,

re-think the way we do business and get real results in people's lives.

Thank you.

* *** *

Statements on 8 November 2011