Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 2127 (2013) concerning the Central African Republic


S/RES/2196 (2015)

22 January 2015


Affirms that the mandate of the Committee applies to the measures imposed in paragraphs 54 and 55 of resolution 2127 (2013) and paragraphs 30 and 32 of resolution 2134 (2014) extended by this resolution. Extends the mandate of the Panel of Experts until 29 February 2016. Observes that individuals who knowingly facilitate the travel of a listed individual in violation of the travel ban may be determined by the Committee to have met the designation criteria.

S/RES/2149 (2014)

10 April 2014


Establishes the United Nations Multidimensional Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic and provides it with the mandate to assist the 2127 Committee including by monitoring the implementation of the sanctions measures

S/RES/2134 (2014)

28 January 2014

Imposes a travel ban and an asset freeze in connection with the Central African Republic

S/RES/2127 (2013)

5 December 2013

Imposes an arms embargo in connection with the Central African Republic